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About Synthesis

FOUR DECADES of Success Hundred-Plus Pivotal projects.
And a new Avatar

Sometimes you need to change for the better. And that’s exactly why, after spending all our life in real estate and working on some of the most prestigious projects of our times, we decided to establish a new distinctive company with a fresh and futuristic approach to the real estate – Synthesis.

Although Synthesis has just begun, it inherits our four decades of industry wisdom, wealth of experience, cutting-edge expertise and quality of construction that we were always known for.

No wonder, we’ve already accomplished exclusive projects of all shapes, shades and sizes. From lavish living spaces to ultra-modern business arcades. From holiday hideaways to commercial condominiums. And much more beyond that.

Some of the remarkable projects that we are known for include the legendary Suramya series, the distinguished Sakar buildings on the Ashram Road, the most adored Shrinandnagar Township, the much-admired Saket and many more to mention.

To cut the story short, Synthesis is the same Company you’ve always believed, loved and trusted. It’s only that now we have evolved into an exciting identity. The new avatar simply means more ambitious projects, focused management, next-generation construction quality, futuristic features and much more that exceed your expectations.

Welcome to new-age in real estate. Welcome to Synthesis.

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